Third Place Making Foundation is committed to strengthen the role of third places around the world


We ensure that every person and community in the world has the capacity to access, create or maintain a third place to meet, to exchange and to shape responses to conflicts, problems and issues in societies.

Our mission is to strengthen the role of third places around the world by recognising, empowering and supporting the people, organisations, knowledge and tools that constitute third places and their communities.

What we do

Third Place Making Foundation works with partners worldwide to strengthen third places through four areas of focus:

  1. Project Developement

    • We work with partners to design, fund and implement projects involving third places, all over the world.
    • We support projects that address social issues by contributing to the empowerment of communities, through third places.
  2. Advocacy & Knowledge

    • We advocate for and defend those who participate in third places and create a purposeful discourse in the international public debate.
    • We create and promote premium content, and we contribute to scientific research on the field of third places.
  3. Community Care

    • We develop processes dedicated to welcoming, sharing information and supporting the people and communities that come into contact with the foundation.
    • We implement safety protocols and financial funds to ensure the security of our community when we work on critical situations.
  4. Commercial Services

    • We raise awareness about the opportunities and strategic considerations of third places through conferences, masterclasses and training programs.
    • We provide consulting services and advise people and organisations on how to create and manage third places.

Who we are

We are pioneers in the field of third places and have contributed to many emblematic third places and structuring networks. We are well recognised for conducting influential research on the capacities, functions and impacts of third places around the world.

We are also renowned for our public statements and interventions in defence of third places.

Third Place Making Foundation brings together people and communities who work to secure the fundamental rights related to third places worldwide.

Based in Geneva, Switzerland, the Foundation embodies the spirit of the International Geneva, to build a safer, more prosperous and more just world.

Become a Third Place Maker

We bring together a community of people and organisations who create and support third places